The Rick Bogart Trio

L'Ybane Restaurant
New York, NY
One of the hardest things in New York for any jazz musician is to secure and retain a steady gig that pays and draws in the crowds. I will be doing a series of pieces focusing on these lucky rarities. I have noticed though, there is a lot more than luck involved. There is also a single-minded stick-to-itiveness that all perennial artists share.

Bandleader, clarinetist, singer and general raconteur Rick Bogart has rarely been silent in the past thirty years. The location of his current venue is one of the things that make this gig so desirable. It is right around the corner from Birdland and is a nice place to wind down after a night with the greats. I also recommend this spot with its solid food as a nice destination for out-of- town tourists.

Besides his smooth vocals and versatile clarinet playing, the performer has something that you just can’t buy–genuine New Orleans flavor. His Dixieland style is something he acquired from birth and his mastery of the standards is pleasing to the ear, as one thing Bogart never does is push it—vocally or musically.

He is fond of calling up members of his audience to sing, but the evening is by no means an open mic. His band consists of Larry Lugar on guitar and Bob Arkin on bass and features Louisa Poster as the resident “girl singer.”

Catch the festivities at L’Ybane, 709 Eighth Avenue (between 44 & 45), Friday from 10 to 1 – Tuesdays from 9 to 12.

Melody Breyer-Grell
Cabaret Scenes
December 14, 2012